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Hey guys! If you're reading this i'm super excited you'd like to get to know me. There a a few things on my list of favorite things on this beautiful planet. one is my australian shepherd, dayo. he's a boy, although he is really pretty and people tend to think he is a girl. i also really love coffee. i know people say that a lot but i honestly do. Can't go a day without it. i really love to travel, but i equally love to be at home on the couch watching netflix. hiking & fresh air gives me life & refreshes my mind. scroll down to check out my travel dates/bucket list.

But, what really wakes me up in the morning & keeps me up late at night, is my passion for photography. what i love about photography is being able to capture raw moments in time & freeze them in an image. it is amazing to me that a photograph can take you back to a moment in time & make you feel the same emotions you were feeling in that exact instant. 

When documenting weddings, I combine my nature of being a completely hopeless romantic, with my passion for capturing moments in time. This helps me to capture a narrative through my lens & create images that tell your love story. 

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Travel Dates
 Fall 2019
  Phoenix, AZ
  Fripp Island, SC

Bucket List
New Mexico
Washington state


The goal is to create beautiful art with you as the subject. I aim to capture your raw and natural moments as a couple in order to tell the story of the beginning of your life together. Each couple is unique & special. I approach each couple with the intent to document this time in your life as you are now. This is so years from now you can look back on who you were together when you started this journey. Visually, I am drawn toward nature and its elements are organic & freeing. Genuine moments & connections are more my style, without too much posing & direction. I document you as you are without over editing or modifying the images. i am all about being creative, with consistency. So don't be surprised when we get creative together to create some really original imagery.


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