9 Tips on How to Have the Best Couple Session


After photographing many different couples over the past few years I've found a few things to be beneficial to know before hopping in front of the camera. Today I'm sharing with you some things I find helpful to know before going into your couple session. These 9 tips are more guidelines than rules but are meant to give you a little perspective on how to approach your couple session.

I am personally drawn to natural settings. I feel it is timeless and will always hold beauty years to come.

Location, Location, 


Pick a location in which the two of you feel the most yourselves. You want a background & environment that describes your life and the things you two like to do together. This is so that 50 years from now, you can look back at your photos and remember how you two were at that point in time. You also want a backdrop that goes along with your style so that you can print the photos and hang them in your house & look at them years to come and still love everything about them.


Just Hang Out

Don't think of the time we have set aside to capture you two together as a "session." That puts a lot of pressure on the two of you to perform or act a certain way. Just relax and be together. Don't think too much about how you want to pose or how the picture is going to turn out. I'm just there to document how you two are naturally together.


Be Cozy & Comfortable

What to wear is probably one of the top questions I get leading up to a session. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and most yourself. You'll be moving around a lot and I don't want you to feel stiff. Wearing something easy to adventure in that still describes you two & your personality is my suggestion. 

Make it an All Day Affair

Make a day of it. Hanging out all day will get you relaxed and your mind off of everything else. If you have to rush to and from your session, you will automatically be set on a rushed tense mode. Take the day to enjoy each other and relax. Go hiking, get lunch together. Chill out so that way your ready to be cozy and comfortable during your session.


Bring your Furry Friends

Fur babies are more than welcome. Actually they are suggested. If you two share a pet, by all means, include them! They are such an important piece in your relationship and bring out a whole different side of your nurturing side together. Its a definite must! 


Don't Bring Other Friends

Keep the session intimate by not including anyone else. It may seem more comforting to bring along a friend or family member, but having someone watch your every move the whole time creates a tension. You will feel like you are putting on an act for everyone. The less people watching you, the more easy it will feel to relax. And this way it is an experience you two share together, and another memory you will have as a couple.


Be affectionate. Be vulnerable & raw. Don't hold back anything in front of me. I want to capture those moments of closeness & passion. The goal is to capture your love story so why hold anything back? Let's capture the heart and soul of your relationship down to every little detail.


Don't Let the Weather Get You Down

If the weather isn't all sunshine and daisies, that's all okay! Just embrace the elements. Some of my favorite sessions come from super windy & rainy days. Overcast makes for great light! I'll let you know if I am worried, but otherwise, its really unique to have the weather create a different environment for your session.


Don't overthink it

At the end of the day, don't put any stress into it. Just come ready to be yourselves and hang out. I'll worry about the rest. 

Hope that was helpful loves! Thanks for reading!
xo, Kelsey Rae

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