Adventure Couple Session at Swinging Bridge Trail in the Redwoods at Yosemite


On the last day on my trip to Yosemite for the Adventurers Workshop, we headed to Swinging Bridge Trail in The Redwoods. Before we had to hit the road, we made a short hike at sunset while we all explored the bridge and the quiet views the scenic trail had to offer. The trail is peaceful in comparison to the views in Yosemite Valley and the water was surprisingly clear. I wanted to so badly to jump right in. But I was too focused on capturing the magic that was Abbie & Callen.

Saying that the Hearnes are a power couple is definitely an understatement.  Going into the workshop in February, I knew quite a bit about them. I knew they travel all over to photograph elopements in the west coast's most beautiful places and beyond. I also knew they lived out of their van with their dog, which says a lot about a couple. Not only can they run thriving photography business together but they can do it all in a home on wheels. I knew they had hearts full of passion for nature, traveling, rock climbing, & sky diving, along many other outdoor adventures. I knew they had shaped their life around making it possible to experience those things every day together. What I didn't know is how beautiful their chemistry is. Watching these two laugh with each other is beyond adorable. It is clear that the life they have built together brings them such joy. They look at each other like nothing else matters. My words may attempt to describe it, but they won't do it justice. So, I'll just leave that to the images.