Yosemite National Park Styled Elopement


Ryan & Kim are a bad ass couple. They spend most of their time traveling all over, high-lining across some of the world's most spectacular landscapes. Canada, Iceland, Mexico, & Poland, are just a few of the spots they've crossed off of their list. In case you need proof of there adventurous souls, you can check out their spacenet wedding that was published in Cosmopolitan Magazine & People Magazine after their photos by The Hearnes went viral. When I found out I would get the opportunity to photograph this thrill seeking couple in Yosemite Valley during my time at the Adventurers Workshop, I was beyond stoked.

Photographing them was just that, thrilling. I truly do not remember stopping moving for one second. Ryan & Kim were running across the valley, jumping onto tree trunks, & keeping all of us photographers on our toes the entire time. Not only were they not afraid to take risks, the way these two looked at each other brought me to tears. Actual tears. The overwhelming emotion I felt capturing the way they naturally moved together is indescribable. Ryan knew just how to make Kim flash that jaw dropping, gorgeous smile and they way he looked at her was like they were the only two people in the entire valley.  

Thanks so much to Ryan & Kim for showing up with so much energy & excitement, letting us follow them through Yosemite to capture some really candid, genuine moments between them.