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Guide to What to Wear

If you are feeling unsure of what to wear, here are a few tips

Bring options! Since the location & setting plays a big part in choosing what to wear, I can help pick out what pieces work for where we are to keep you two as the focus. We want to make sure your clothes compliment the background, so you two can stand out without creating a distracting outfit that can pull away from your emotions. Just bring the clothes that make you feel most comfortable & confident and we can pick from those!

That being said, try not to bring your entire closet. It will be a bit overwhelming to choose without taking too much time. Bring about 4 or 5 options for tops and 3 or 4 options for pants/bottoms and then you can bring dresses, jewelry, accessories, hats, jackets & shoes also. If you want to change outfits I’m so up for that, just remember that depending on where we are doing the session, you may be changing in your car or in the middle of the woods, so just keep that in mind! If you aren’t up for that, you can totally just bring the one outfit! Just send me a few photos via text and I can help you pick out the clothes & accessories before the session.


You want it to make sense

Thinking about where we are going to be shooting is important in planning what to wear. If we are going to be hanging at the beach, wearing shoes wouldn’t really make sense. especially heels. Honestly, high heels aren’t really ever a good idea unless your a full on pro at walking/running in them. If we are hiking up a mountain or in an open field, make sure you have shoes you are comfy in & won’t get blisters or twist your ankle. Although I really don’t suggest it, if you really feel more confident in some sort of heel, I totally get it, just make sure it has a solid bulky heels so you aren’t tip toeing the whole time.

Also, the weather is a factor in choosing your outfit. If it is freezing outside, consider boots with wool socks and layers on layers. Jackets & beanies for accessories can help make you more comfortable. If its going to be super hot outside, consider a tank top and shorts so you aren’t sweating and creating pit stains.

Really just think about how you can be the most comfortable! 


 Choosing Colors

Neutral & earthy tones are always a great idea! This doesn’t mean you have to wear just grey or brown, but you can have a neutral version of almost every color. For example mustard yellow, burnt orange, maroon, forest green & navy blue are all softer versions of bold color. Steer away from fluorescent colors like pink, hot pink, bright orange, & red. The light can reflect those colors onto your skin, making it difficult to edit and make your skin tone look off. So avoid wearing those specific colors if you can, but if you have something that is that color that you’re dying to wear, just run it by me so we can make sure it will turn out alright! If you’re still feeling lost, check out some of the color schemes on this guide that might help inspire you!

Need a little color inspiration? Check out this cool color palette generator! How it works:

  1. Press the space bar to generate a random color palette

  2. Lock the colors you really like (remember, earthy/natural tones are the best!)

  3. Hit space again to swap out the colors you don’t like or just adjust them a bit

  4. Keep going until you’ve found your perfect palette

Hair & Makeup

Wondering if you should get your hair and makeup done by a pro for the session? Honestly, “whatever will make you feel best, do that.” I personally don’t wear a ton of makeup & wouldn’t want to look like a totally different version of myself in the photos, so I totally do not think it is absolutely necessary. But, if you want your hair and makeup done, then definitely do it, because the most important thing is that you feel 1000% confident. If you’re getting hair and makeup done, I recommend you schedule to be done at least an hour before you have to leave for the shoot so you aren’t late. Also, if you have super fair skin and want a spray tan, don’t get one from a salon/tanning place, get a more natural airbrushed spray tan instead. Otherwise you may end up looking super duper orange.

In case you didn’t know, my sister is a hair & makeup artist and would totally do an application for the session if you’re interested! She is a killer at giving you that natural glam up without caking on the makeup/making you look like a different person. She is the absolute best around!




Keep it subtle! Avoiding really loud, chunky patterns is better. Patterns are tricky because they distract from your emotion & facial expressions, which is our main focus. So, keep the patterns very small & subtle. Flannel is great, I just suggest if one of you is wearing a pattern, the other one of you should not. Pairing too much pattern can be very noisy & distracting as well. Making sure there is not lines or folds in your clothes from wrinkles always helps patterns as well!




Photographybykelsey-engagement-Sean&Sam-267 copy.jpg


“Props” immediately makes em think of all the Pinterest photos of cheesy chalkboards and signs from hobby lobby brought to shoots that basically just make me want to run in the opposite direction. But props don’t have to be cheesy! Props could be pizza, a picnic, a motorcycle, blankets, a truck/car, a campfire, a bouquet, a canoe, etc. If you have a pet & you HAVE to bring them. Pets are always a yes. If you have props you wanna incorporate, let me know and we can make sure to incorporate them in a non-cheesy way!


In Home Sessions

All of the above applies, but for in home sessions! But, I’d say show more skin! You don’t have to be close to naked, I’m just saying the photos will look a lot more realistic & comfortable than if you’re wearing a ton of layers. Honestly, you wouldn’t be wearing a ton of layers hanging around the house anyways, am I right?! Most likely you’re wearing barely any clothes and possibly not even wearing pants. Having options of tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans in order to mix and match is best! Anything that will show some skin. Or if you want a super intimate look just wear a sweater with undies for a few or have your boo shirtless, then let’s totally capture that. I pinky promise I’m not a creep haha I’d just love to catch that intimate side of y’alls relationship!